A girl a like is behaving extremely strange. Any explanation?

This girl I like, I was friends with for a year before and when she split up before we had a little fling. It looked like we were going to become a couple but then she acted cold on me, I chased her, She gave me a I don't want a relationship because I've just got out of one speech, I tried to move on and we stayed talking but that was it. She's told me and one of my friends she likes me and we slept together twice during the fling. We are friends but we are waiting for the right time but we only talk at weekends. If you read my previous questions you can understand my situation.

Basically the weird signals are:

1: I deactivated facebook one Friday because there was a hacker at my workplace and I left facebook open. The moment she finished work at 5.30 she texted me saying "Have you blocked me on facebook". I explained the situation but she still seemed cold.

2. This week she is never on facebook messenger between 6-10pm. This is new for this week. She doesn't check our very active group chat between these hours?

3. The weirdest mixed message. We had a light conversation on facebook last Saturday. The last message I sent was "Yeah I know!" Which she read, I'm 100% sure. I opened her chat today and this message was viewed as sent, but not read?

I know I have been seeing other girls and trying to move on/regain her initial interest. But these signals these past 2 weeks are confusing af? I don't think she has met anyone else because she asked me to go to Germany with her next month with some of our friends?


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  • she probably is avoiding u