How long should I text a girl before I ask her out on a date?

How long should I text a girl before I ask her out on a date? And the girl never initiates the conversation with me. Do girls usually only initiate the conversation only when they are in relationships with you? How do you get girls to initiate a conversation?


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  • Most girls won't intiate the conversation because they don't wanna seem

    despret or clingy.U have a better chance of texting her first and stuff that

    shows chivilry which most of us like.Your willing to do something with out us telling u

    ...and it depends how long ya been talking and stuff to ask her on a date

    • I did hear about the text messaging. Though I would like to know your opinion on this: I received different opinions when to ask a girl on a date (that is if I am looking for a relationship). Some say the first time they get the girls numbers and the first time they text the girl they ask them on a date. Others wait till they text them 7 or 8 times. Which do you think is better? It seems the guys that ask them on a date right away seem more successful?

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    • I have know her for about a week now. Just IMed her last night and we had a good conversation and she gave me her number?

    • I have known her for a week. I talked to her on fb last night and the conversation went well. she gave me her phone number?

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