How to go about reinitiating contact with a girl I haven't spoke to in a while?

i had originally meet her during the summer although i had seen her around before that but she had a boyfriend then , then suddenly she was single and on the rebound at the bar and i eventually meet and talked to her. we had a good connection during the summer and she was interested in me. i didn't really do a good job of keeping in touch with her and only added her online to twitter , but her account was private and she accepted my request.
i haven't really kept in touch with her but she has been away on a couple trips to far away places and busy with work and gym. however some of her posts seem to indicate she's upset about things and lonely. but she's really good looking so i don't understand why she has had such trouble dating and hasn't managed to find anyone else.
anyways i guess its been a while and i still have an interest in her and wondering how to try and how to go about contacting her?


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  • just message her and be like "hey, it's been a while, how have you been?" or something along those lines. just be casual about it or maybe call her and do it, whichever you prefer

    • I don't have her cell # , I can tweet to her but not private message her , she posts a lot but for some reason I never see them live but I'm following a lot of pages so she might get lost in the confusion

    • do you have her on facebook? maybe try there, if not then yes i would say tweet her, you probably can't private message her because she doesn't follow you, but once she remembers you she should follow back and then you can pm

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