Does she like me even though we've never talked?

So there's this girl I've been noticing lately. she's a grade younger than me (10th, im 11th). Now the funny thing is, her mom is my History teacher, so i see this girl a lot between and before class. Even when im leaving to walk home, i see her in the hallways. The confusing thing is, i think she might like me... or she thinks im weird. WHenever we see each other, she stops talking to whoever she's with and she avoids eye contact. I've even seen her face turn super red sometimes. Whenever i go into her moms class and she's there, she always finds a reason to leave. But lately, she's ALWAYS been making eye contact with me. She smiles a lot more, and plays with the same strand of hair. I know she watches me, not in a creepy way, but like when im in the commons (lunch room) she stares at me. SHe never says anything to me, but she acts like she wants to, she just doesn't know how. Any ideas?

  • She like me and doesn't know what to say to me
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  • She doesn't like me
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  • she thinks im weird
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  • she likes me and she wants me to make the first move.
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  • it can be both the firat and fourth option.
    she likes you, but she doesn't know what to say and so wants you to make the first move.
    go for it!