Is your significant other an angry person? How do you deal with it?

I know fights are inevitable in a relationship. But whenever me and my boyfriend have a small conflict it turns into a tumultuous fight. He starts screaming like a raging lunatic and I try my best to stay calm and composed. He is not a bad person but he is an angry person and has poor conflict resolution skills.


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  • the thing is, he may very well have special challenges, he can not be faulted for that, however, he has a responsibility to be respectful and caring towards you. if you know flies into rage, then he knows. so what is he doing about it?

    no one automatically is born with good conflict resolution skills. they work at it, if it matters to them,.

    sounds like he has a disadvantage. in that he gets roused easily. and this probably makes him more resistant to thinking of how to handle things, bc this must be done when calm. when he's calm, he probably doesn't want to chance it. you can sympathize but you can not condone his inappropriate behavior towards you. you're a separate human being. whatever his issues are, you have your own,. life is tough enough without loved ones treating us like garbage compactors.

    if i were you id talk to him about how wants to deal with out, bc it takes two and you can't hold the entire burden of any conflict. too much energy is spent trying to keep calm, so how can resolution take place?

    if he swilling to workout it, then agree to give him time, otherwise id leave. thats me. thats how id deal with it. bc i may love him, but if loving him means disrespecting my own needs for a viable relationship, i can't stay. if I'm expending energy to becalm and rational, which i will do out of resect. even if I'm super angry. I require the same from my partner. otherwise we are not partners. hasn't treating me like a partner ion he can't respect me. if his rage or temper is that bad, he should not be in a relationship until he has it sorted.

    maybe he has a metabolic problem hormone imbalance or maybe he just feels entitled to tantrums. he should see a dr and get his symptoms checked out. no ones just naturally 'angry[' thatchy have to yell at everyone. its learned behavior, that with effort can be unlearnt. or there's a physiological problem that needs correcting.

    in your position, id think its important he understand i'm not insisting he be perfect or immediately fixed... just accountable.

    • i know i mentioned it, but its not wrong to want to work things out. its very easy for people to say just leave. but when you are in it , it indifferent. also its unfortunate bc sometimes people really DO have problems. if he's not physically abusive, then id give him chance to sort it out. IF he's really working on it. but don't be afraid to say goodbye, if incomes to that. I've known people who flew into rages and it turned out they had heart condition, couldnt get enough oxygen to their brain and it caused episodes. the whole thing was pretty sad, actually.

      compassion is good, as long as its directed no less at yourself.

      good luck ;-)

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    • Thanks for the help and I really appreciate it.

    • you're very welcome. hope it works out , one way or another :-)

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  • I don't have a significant other.

    If I had one and she was angry all the time, I'd just leave. I'm not obliged to put up with anyone's temper tantrums.


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  • Leave. Don't use the stupid "he is not a bad person" excuse. You don't have to put up with random fits of rage.