I think my boyfriend is cheating on me?

So ever since he started working again after being unemployed for 3 years he has been overly happy. Not the reason I think he is cheating. About 3 weeks ago he started nonstop talking about this girl he works with. Laughing while he is talking about her. Telling me about all these pet names the two of them have for each other. Telling me how much they horse around and raise hell together while they are working. I didn't start thinking he was cheating until I walked into the room and he tilted his phone like he was hiding the screen from me. And then about a half hour later he moved from the seat with me to the couch opposite from me and I was able to get a glimpse of him texting someone paragraphs (which is completely unlike him- he is a 3-4 word texter and always has been). He has been on his phone almost nonstop during this time and has been sleeping with the phone rather close to his face when normally he sleeps with it on our dresser. Also, he is now overly excited to go to work all of the sudden when not even a month and a half ago he was talking about quitting because he can't stand the line of work he is in. So his behavior has taken a complete 360 since he started talking about this Morgan girl. Oh, and he has also started to with hold sex from me. Makes up excuses almost constantly.

I asked him about it and he just walked away from me. He then told me later on that if I was going to question him then I must be hiding something and asked to see my phone. I gave it to him because he asked and I don't have anything to hide but he then refused to go through it and he just walked away from me, again. Where he won't talk to me about it; would it be justified if I went through his phone to get some answers? We have a baby on the way. I don't want to leave without knowing the truth but I have always been against the whole "creeping" thing. What can I do at this point? If you were me, would you go through his phone?

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  • He may not be cheating, but the actions so far put him in the wrong. You have a terrible boyfriend if he's going to do all of that.. If there's periods of time where he's gone and not at work then that would be a definite sign that more is going on.

    • He gets out of work everyday at 3pm but doesn't show up back at the house till around 5, sometimes 5:30. It only takes 15 minutes to get to the house from his work.

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