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So there's this guy I've been texting for about two weeks. He just moved to the area. The first time we met was in a club (he insisted i objected but whatever). Than we've been talking. He insists he's looking for something serious but he's not in any rush to settle down. He usually texts me in the morning before I wake up or go to work. He constantly tells me how beautiful I am and how he hopes to get a chance to spend time with me in a setting other than a club. He's very polite and we usually talk all day. The other day he surprised me and stop by my job to say hi. And we walked, talked and joked yesterday and than he walked me to my car. But I just feel like there's this constant tug and pull and I am not used to having to pursue a guy and I'm not sure what he's communicating to me. I'm trying to be patient but I want to know if he's interested or just keeping me around just in case. Because when I thanked him for stopping by, saying hi and told him I appreciated it he said oh I was in the area. Like we are in our mid twenties what is this? HELP


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  • I think he wants to be with you. He may not want to marry you for a few years but he is ready to be in a relationship. I think he is trying to play it cool to not scare you off. He certainly seems to go out of his way for you. I would tell him how you feel about him and ask him if he feels the same.

    • He's mentioned I'm not what he's used to in a girl. I'm confident, pretty, and can be forward because I have a pretty outgoing personality. I'm worried about scaring him off because all we do is text and minus the two times we've met we haven't had a true date. And I open the door for him to be like yeah sure lets do this or let's do this. And he doesn't nail anything down. And I've never met someone like him that isn't super eager which isn't terrible but I'm just not sure how to go about this

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    • The world is a changing.

      I say this because most men don't "listen" but I like to think I am the kind of guy who will listen to what women have to say. I may not be great at it but I am trying to be better than most men.

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  • He's interested and probably just said he was in the area to not sound clingy..

    • Darn... I responded by saying "right no biggie. Just a kind gesture." I just want a declarative way of knowing hey I like you or hey you are a cool friend

  • I would probably say the same thing because I'm shy

    • When I talk to him he doesn't seem shy AT ALL we joke and had a good time in person. We were walking around Best Buy while he was looking for a tv and talking.