How does a hot girl get a guy?

its not just me- I've read lots of posts and opinions of 'hot women who guys are scared of.' I've known hot women who are single- it's always like the hottest women and some of these women are really cool people. it seems that men are just too scared of pretty women. This isn't about personality, for the jerks who will start falsely talking about how hot women have bad personalities- which is bs. it just seems that MOST men are too scared of pretty women and there's nothign they can do. They can't be friendly, nicer, nothing. Men are scared of hot women- even if the hot woman makes all the moves- even if she puts a guys hand on her breast- anything. Men are scared pussies. in the end- it seems hot women are single.

What options do these women have if the metro population of now pussified men is too scared to talk to them or date them? men only want fat ugly weird mean angry psycho women. The only men who want hot women are really rich or famous men it seems, that's it.


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  • I would say it's a confidence thing in the men. They think that the hot women would expect more from the man or not like who he is on the inside. So I think personality does have a small part to play in it.


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