Is she just using me as an ego boost? Or to make her feel good, does she even mean what she says?

I really dont know what to believe anymore, as hard as it is for her to leave an abusive relationship, she is always prosponing it. this is the 2nd time she told me she would leave and i just know she probably won't leave. She tells me she likes me , and we have really cool text conversations , she is also jealous of other girls liking my fb pictures or comments , i dont mind but she is not doing anything to really proof to me how bad she wants me. this guy can fight with her all week long, she tells me she has to leave and all it takes for him to make her stay is a simple i love you.

Yesterday i was checking her fb profile were he posted a pic saying'' i love you more then you'll ever know'' sure bro, thats why you treaten her, treat her like crap, and lock her up inside your house.

Should i give her an ultimatum because i just want her to show me that she likes me, not by words but by actions. I dont know maybe she is just using me to make her feel better, her whats app status is about me saying, you make me happy, and she is constantly checking my whats app status if her name is still in it, well if she can't leave him, ill guess i have to draw my conclusions.


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  • I'd swerve this one because she is choosing to stay in an abusive relationship by choice. Also, all this going backwards and forwards with you tells me she is not ready to leave just yet. I think you are her safety net - she can release all those pent up feelings that she has because of her situation and there you are, chatting, texting and making her feel that she can make it again if she leaves this guy.

    • well i have done my research and sometimes it takes these women several tries before they finally leave and i can understand, if a guy verbally and physically assaults you and you locks you up, she can't go anywhere, she doesn't have a job, she doesn't have a driver license. she can't see her friends, and it hurts me a lot. I really like her and i do think she likes me but i want her to show me. she can't expect me to stay single forever till one day she comes running into my arms. ill be giving her an ultimatum not by time but if she isn't going to take any steps to be with me, ill have to force myself to leave or give her space regardless of how much i like her , because im investing my heart into this and all i want in her return is some physical proof of her willing to spend time with me, because im not the one that is falling asleep next to her every evening

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    • she can because she doesn't work , she just sits inside that house all day thats it. when he isn't there we can communicate openly , you mean i should pressure her because she clearly needs stimulance.

    • Oh I see. I mean you should just state your case, tell her how you feel and leave her to decide what she wants to do. You can give her ultimatums all day long but until she's ready she is not going to do anything.

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  • If your not boyfreind and girl freind then there is nothing. She is just using you as a freind as her...

    • I really dont know, we have very sexual conversations as well, about her wanting me to take her hard, which i would love to do. but its not just about that. i want her to show me im doing right by being patient

    • She is using you for her own purposes dude. Never wait for someone to leave someone else because why would she leave him when she can have him and you whom she just strings along for fun.

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  • Ultimatums hardly ever work.. I don't think she's using you as an ego boost, she is just still tied to that asshole. I would distance myself a bit and see if she reacts.

    • im doubting the ultimatum thing as well, she is already insecure and i dont want her to feel like im going to leave her. but i do think i should tell her how it makes me feel, always missing out on chances of seeing her. what do you think? If i suddenly become more distant to her she will ask me why, im clueless to what to do, whats ur opinion bro?

  • You sound like a beta orbiter. If she really liked you she'd be fucking you. That's the fucking cold hard truth man.

    • no bro, i had sex with plenty of hot girls, i just really like her but ill think i be sending her an ultimatum. Im single and i can do what ever the fuck i want. if she wants me she betters proofs it, because this is going to last for ages and i can't wait for that shit. if she wants to be happy she can choose me or else stay with that dipshit and remain sad. i can't help her if she isn't willing to change period

    • It's all a matter of perspective.

      You may want her to not act like a stupid cunt and choose you. Like out of her own rational volition. But women are stupid sexual automatons and that's impossible.

      If you really want to save her from herself, you need to cuckold that abusive piece of shit. Bitches only understand power and humiliation.