Would this be enough time to lose interested?

A girl at work just started one day kind of hiting on me and the first coulple of times stupid me dint realize it beacuse im just not used to the way that she did it was about two weeks maby four before i saw what was going on so i started flirting back a little but this week I've seen nothing form her i mean i want to just jump in not knowing what was going on so its been about a month now and i dont know what to do next i do have feelings for her just never thought a girl like her would even look my way i know i probally screwed it up but any advise would be good advise at this point


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  • Maybe the *flirting back a little* wasn't enough for her to understand that you are interested, especially after she tried to flirt with you and you didn't realize ( that probably made her think that you are not interested). Is not the end of the word, I would say just ask her out and see what happens


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