I think this girl likes me, and I thought she was cute, but I am not sure what I want right now?

She was brushing up close multiple times, while we were working together with other people on a computer assingment. like around the table wwe alll sat. and she sat across. but she came over for help and put her self b. w me and another dude and then said "sorry! " a couple times as her hand brushed over mine a couple times. She was holding a laptop (we all were). And then later she did the same stuff. But i haven't responded with anything. Not sure how to proceed. I woudl be down to chill with her. Is that okay if Im not sure what i want right now?
Also have not been with girls before... so un charted territory for me.. I don't know how to go forward


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  • there's no rush. AND it's not because someone's interesting in you that you should like them back


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  • What do you mean by: " I am not sure what I want right now?"


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