Guys, what is your "upper threshold" for weight in a woman who is average height and build?

  • 90 lbs
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  • 105 lbs
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  • 120 lbs
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  • 135 lbs
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  • 150 lbs
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  • 165 lbs
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  • 180 lbs or more
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  • Experienced all of these
    best answer should be
    max. = "about 10-20# less than me!"
    although ideal weight = "voluptuous"


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  • This would be easier if girls didn't get so defensive about their weight. Another problem is weight doesn't tell the whole story. See, a toned 130lb chick could look smaller than chubby 115 or 120lb girl just because muscles are twice as sense as fat.

    A general "rule" is about 20%-25% body fat. More fat than that will look unhealthy and make a girl look bigger than a muscular girl who weighs more.

    Sorry this doesn't answer your question, but without a height to judge the weight, the question isn't really that informative.

    • I said 5'5", not very petite-boned or large-boned

  • What do you consider average weight and build?

    • 5'5", neither very petite or large-boned.

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    • Or, maybe if she was trying really hard to diet and lose weight and felt like you were belittling her for wanting to improve yourself?

    • It was never my intention to make her think I was doing that.

      She would bring up the fact that she didn't like the way she looked and I told her she was fine the way she was and I would only think she was fat if I could put my arms around her.

  • I don't know it depends, I have a friend who is 6'0 and she recently told me she's in the 170s. She's pretty active and looks good so yeah.

    • For that height, if she has a lot of muscle, yeah

    • She just plays volleyball with me, she isn't in like tip-top shape or anything.

  • Sorry, we don't use the imperial measurements here, and I can't readily think in terms of lbs.

    Having said that, as long as she isn't overweight, I'm fine with it. Not too picky about her weight.

    • The reason I'm asking is that when men use the term overweight I suspect that what they mean is still pretty low on the scale.

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    • Thanks a lot for your lovely compliments and appreciation! Wow!

      And you think Indian guys are hot? I'm pleasantly surprised, because several studies and surveys have shown that Indian men are considered the least attractive by women all over the world. Even Indian women usually prefer men of other races, if they have a choice!

    • I grew up with Indian neighbors. My mom made friends with their mom. So I'm used to the accents, the food, the gentle manners, yeah.

  • as long as you look i dont care how much you weight , weight doesn't mean you look good some women who weight 160 lbs look the same as the ones who weight 140 lbs

  • I think 170 would have to be my limit that's all depending on her body and height etc🙂

  • Assuming that 5'4" is the height that's the average in England i think, so 135lbs would be the max for me 150lbs is considered overweight for someone who'd 5'4" and i weigh less than 150lbs at 5'6".

    • Thanks! I was 135 in my early thirties. I don't expect I will ever see that size again. Lol.