I don't know if I should end the relationship or not?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for a year now. But I always felt like I was the one putting in more effort and trying harder to make things work. We barely see each other because our universities are far apart, we visit each other about once every three weeks. So, instead, we are texting 24/7 with the odd calls here and there. Sometimes, the conversation dies and we just end up saying stuff like "so..." "mhmm" "yeahh". I hate it when this happens so I always find myself making a mental list of all the things we could talk about next. However, sometimes I genuinely can't think of anything and I say to my boyfriend "can you think of a subject for once" and he says "noo you think of one, that's your job". He also says that being cute and saying the gushy and romantic things is my job, and that he's just not that type of person. I would be okay with this if he didn't expect me to be romantic with him, because I would just assume that it is his dating style. But, it pisses me off how he expects me to do all these romantic things for him, but doesn't do anything back for me. Whenever I talk to him about this, he says that he is too lazy to do it, Last year for Christmas, he gave me a present but no card, and he had been reminding me up til then that he expects a nice sweet card from me along with his present. So when I asked where my card was, he told me to get buy myself one and that he'd write in it, and this hurt a lot. I don't know if I'm being immature and too demanding. But I honestly try to be the loving girlfriend, but he just doesn't try. He even told me once that he knows he's a shit boyfriend and that he'd understand if I dumped him for a better guy bc he knows other guys would treat me better. I honestly don't know what I should do. Sometimes, he makes me feel loved, but other times he just makes me feel annoying and clingy. His responses affect my mood so much. What should I do?


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  • Ok so the first question is u still love him YES or NO:

    YES- Wanna make it work no one is perfect u are apart but u talk u dont have to talk 24/7 thats 2 much and there are much to talk about and if u already run out of it and still trying to talk and find wut to talk about thats bad just give each other some space when u got something to talk u talk and thats all u dont need to be doing lists about wut to talk thats immature for me. U know he loves u he trys no body is perfect.

    NO- Talk to him F2F and end this doubts and problems


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