I can't find a girl, some help please?

Okay so a little a bout me ,6'1, Olive skin, Dark yes, black shiny hair ( prretty sexy and stylish haircut ), i would say good-average body since i used to work out, iam very stylish and like to always look cool and put together, never wear any ugly ass nike sneakers or anything like that, ex Gfs said i was very good looking, my Sisters friends say i am very good looking, every girl i meet stares at me and gives long seductive stares, female classmates are friendly to me, some girl rated me once during a video call and said i was a 8/10 but i have a 2mb cam and she saw my face from one angle and just my face nothing esle so its safe to assume that in real life its probably more.

Whats the problem? Finding a girl, yep i can't find one, iam kinda attracted to girls that look... exotic, have different and attractive facial features, can't help it , tried dating a plain jane, didn't work out, iam pretty cool, chill, funny and smart so not an ass ( until i want to be) but all the girls that like ( and they like me in return and give me signs dont get me wrong ) are taken , and i am just sitting here wondering what can i do abou !! i just can't find a girl i like it seems impossible , any ideas?


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  • Shallow/vain.

    • shallow? yeah iam sue me

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  • maybe you're too superficial and shallow. maybe the type of girl you're looking for is hard to find. i recommend trying out other girls that you are unsure about at first and see where things go while you wait for that perfect one you described. You might find your desires change over time.

    i once dated exotic. for me being white in the USA brazilian previously married and 5 years older than me was exotic. i never want to date exotic again. hahah

    • well by exotic i meant they have weird attractive facial features , i have found some but as i said they're taken , its not easy finding them

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    • yeah i am waiting , currently no single girls around me also the ones who are single and iam not really into , i dont think they what just sex so i dont want ot give them false hope or get into awkward situations so yeah iam waiting

    • why dont you work on meeting new people in genera guys and girls

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  • Maybe it's because you sound vain as fuck.

    • I like what i like can't help it

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  • Welp, I guess you're fucked and you're gonna die alone.

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