There this Jewish Girl in my college campus that I like and she likes me back but my mom is a devout Catholic who is?

borderline-anti semetic so what do I do?

I'm just trying to figure out how this will workout between me and her if my mom has a bit of a hostility towards Jews based on her poor experience with them in her early years. She's no fundamentalist Christian wackjob but she's just honest about her faith and believes that her religious beliefs make more sense than any other religion.

My Jewish girlfriend on the other hand, is a very nice girl and respect everyone's differences. I actually had the chance to meet her family and they were all nice to me. She's very lady-like and seems to know how to appreciate her partner/man and treat him. Unfortunately, I don't know how I can convince my mom to tolerate her because it seems that no matter how much of a nice girl a woman is, religion will still be a bit of a big deal to my mom either way.


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  • Date her Jews are forbidden fruit and hot.