Girls: How often do you "flake" on a date?

Like, you have a date with a guy set several days in advance, and the day of, you "get sick" or "got stuck at work" and have to cancel? It happens to me about 30-40% of the time, with girls I have been out with prior, and who are texting and talking to me regularly, and seem excited to go out. Are they really having all these life crises that prevent them from going, or are there are things (games) going on? Double booking, etc? Its very frustrating to have 4-5 girls you are wanting to date, and you suddenly have no plans with any of them on a Sat night because one of them canceled on you. Any advice?


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  • Lol maybe they all heard you're trying to date 4-5 girls at a time and don't want to go out with someone that has 4 other options. So they cancel for fear of not wanting to get hurt or rejection?

    Not sure! If I didn't want to go out with someone I would have never set the date.. And if I were to cancel if cancel way sooner than the day of.

    • I'm not trying to actively date them all at the same time. If I found one that was really special, I would stop dating the others and work on the one relationship. But based on my experience, you need to keep at least 2 or 3 in rotation, to make up for how often they flake out.

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  • I've never had it happen

  • so you have 5 dates in one day... i dont think you have any problems buddy

    • No - I have 5 girls that I am dating - talking to, texting, etc. Not at the same time. But I would have asked girl #2 out, if I had known that girl #1 was going to cancel on me.

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    • That is a good approach i must admit i guess you must get rejected to get accepted no way around it , i dont really have any resources you're right iam pretty busy studying atm and dont really have anything to offer besides me ev\en though iam working towards a goal.
      As for the girls flaking iam not sure i think some would do that, i mean the two girls i date never really canceled plans or anything , maybe like once but it was different not an excuse there was actually something.

    • Yeah, thanks for the input. It was never something I dealt with when I was dating in my 20s. Its only started to be a thing in the last couple of years. May just be the problem with dating girls with careers, etc.

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