Have you ever liked someone so much that you were willing to let them go if the timing was just not right, and hope they'll come back when ready?

I've been dating someone for over six months, and in that time we've had the relationship talk early on and decided to slow things down a notch. He wasn't ready to take the next step and be official bf/gf, but we are exclusively dating. We've had two serious talks, one he initiated and the other I initiated because I felt like he had fallen out of interest with me. He said that wasn't the case, but it was just because he had been dealing with trying to buy property for his business, and the whole situation was having a negative effect on him. He can't handle stress well.

Well, now it's been over 6 months and I still don't see any progression in sight. He's still kept me at arm's length in his life, and he's still dealing with the property situation and having some financial concerns. All of this has taken an even greater effect on our relationship, especially since we are in a semi long distance relationship.

I'm almost at that point where I'm just going to let him go, not because I don't want to be with him, but because he's not ready. I'd rather let him work on himself and then find me when he's ready than deal with this rollercoaster of feeling like he likes me one minute and then disinterested the next.

Let him go or wait it out?


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  • Not matter how good of a person you are you'll never be good enough for a guy who isn't ready. If he's keep telling you he's not ready then you should distance yourself. It's pointless holding onto someone who isn't fighting to keep you in his life. If he's indecisive about what he wants after 6 months , then make the decision for him and walk away.

  • Well, now it's been over 6 months and I still don't see any progression in sight.
    Nope this guy is not interested!