If you're single is it your fault?

I try so hard to find someone, i've even gotten desperate.
i mean really desperate.. looking for anyone doesn't matter distance, how they look. (As long as it was reasonable. People tell me all the time how im handsome, well they tell me i look better when i smile.

yet i still can't find anyone.. i mean i hear it all the time but im still single is it my fault?
i admit im kinda weird and girls... at first they say im cute and they get to know me and say im weird and thats as far as it goes. does it sound like my fault?

I've even been asked if i was fake... 2 times... and im not really even that good looking.

  • Yeah, if you're single its usually your fault.
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  • No, thats just how life works.
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What Girls Said 1

  • You are trying to hard.

    • I won't argue with that

What Guys Said 1

  • Bro I'm 21 and still haven't found a girl I've been told I'm cute and all that blah blah trust me when I say you will find a girl and also let's be real here it's much harder these days as society fucks up our brains and the so called dating game these days. I've been told I'm weird, funny , good looking , ugly the lot. Just focus on having fun living your life once you do that girls will want a peice of the action. I'm in the same boat but know I will find the one soon. good luck bro I know the struggle

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