It bothers me that my boyfriend does this?

My boyfriend likes other girls' pictures on Instagram, and it bothers me. It's not that I don't trust him or anything. Because I do it's just that I am insecure about the way I look. And the pictures he likes aren't dirty or anything but they are just selfies. But I have seen some of the girls' pictures he likes and they are way prettier than me in my opinion.

I just feel like I am not pretty enough for my boyfriend. And a lot of guys think some of those girls are pretty hot. And they are just better looking than me in my opinion. I mean I trust him not to cheat, but I am so insecure with the way I look that he will dump me and date one of those other girls that are better looking.


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  • You boyfriend has instagram : ditch him and close your account


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  • What's really bothering you?
    Him? or your own insecurity?

    Even if he stopped those actions, just the pure thought that he could possibly see other girls as attractive and not only you, would eat away at you exactly the same way.
    Before you get on his case, I think you should work on your self.
    You'll always feel like this no matter what he does, if you don't come to terms with how you look and acceptance.

    He loves the way you look or else he wouldn't be with you.
    Stop being so hard on yourself <3


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  • You need to figure out how to love yourself. This isn't anything to do with your boyfriend. It's completely about you. Try therapy try working try whatever you need to to build up your self esteem

  • Have you considered that he thinks you're just as pretty as those girls?

    If you weren't pretty enough for him then he wouldn't have chosen to date you.

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