Girls playing games?

This girl who I was friends with for a year up until September 2015 (she had a boyfriend up until June 2015) made a move on me and initiated a fling which lasted 3 weeks where we very close and slept together twice. She was talking about how I could meet her parents and places shed like to go to and then all of a sudden she went cold. The week before this she told my best friend that she liked me and didn't want to mess things up. As soon as I heard this I asked her if things were going further and she told me the classic "Im not ready for a relationship". After that I will admit I got needy. She was always flaking on me, If I asked her if she wanted to do something she would say yes enthusiasticly and cancel last minute. But she regularly asked me to do things (sometimes she would cancel last minute too). On new years day she spent a night with some douce bag (her words, she also said she refused to sleep with him) and started opening up to me about she is confused about us two, she likes me but can't commit to me at the risk. of panicking and messing things up. At this time I am not looking for a relationship due to my job security and personal life. Up until now we test at the weekends, always friendly and playfully. She has started using some of my jokes and laughs at my jokes.

That brings us up to this week. She is never active on facebook unless she is on her work lunch break, just finished work or going to bed (I'm the sort who checks these things, don't judge me). I texted her today and the moment she became active on facebook an hour later she responded with a nice open response. She has since gone inactive and not responded since.

Is she testing me or is something much more worrying going on?


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  • You should ask her


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