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I've been texting a guy for about 9 months. We started out as just friends. But somewhere along the way we've developed feelings. We work together and our schedules never match up for us to spend time together outside of work. Also we haven't made it public knowledge that we talk. One of my friends asked if the guy and I have even kissed yet and when I said no she said we are moving too slow. He and I aren't in any rush. We enjoy the talking and flirting. We are still trying to figure out what we want. He and I were both wild when we were younger. Now we are much older and settled. So are we moving too slow. Should we just say screw it and get it over with or keep enjoying the ride till we get there?


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  • If you're both comfortable where you're at and have a mutual understanding then I don't understand why you would have to change anything. It's your relationship, not your friends, so don't let her influence it. If you're both happy with the relationship then there's no reason to "speed things up". Of course if you do want more than there's nothing wrong with trying for it. You can go around work schedules if you really put in enough effort. Overall you should just be doing what makes you happy. Screw what everyone else thinks.


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  • I think you should do whatever you feel you wanna do.
    A kiss wouldn't hurt anybody I suppose? It wouldn't mean you'd have to get married.

    I would say you may be moving a bit slow, yes, but if that's the way you both feel about it then there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you stay true to yourself and be as happy as you can.

    • Ty. There are factors that make it hard to get together outside work and we absolutely don't want to bring it into work. Too much drama and gossip. But sometimes I do wonder if he really doesn't want anything more than friendship at all cause we are moving so slow.

    • I'm sure there must be factors that make it hard, but you two can talk about it, right? I mean, two grown-ups wanting to be happy? Come on!
      People at work don't have to know anything either ;P

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