Do guys actually do this?

Ok honestly fellas - do guys actually call a girl they like then get nervous and hang up? Has anyone here ever actually done that? Or is it something you only do when you're 15!

Please settle this debate for me!


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  • When your a kid guys and girls do it but as you get older and more mature what's the point?

    so if its a guy calling and doing it. he's not worth it....

    • It's not necessarily a bad thing is it? Does it not just mean he's very nervous and/or shy? I'm not talking about when it's harrassment by the way....if that's what you mean. I mean when he genuinely wants to talk to you but just can't

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    • I'd never have the guts to!!! Couldn't even dial in the first place. Even tho I really really want to and am 99% certain it's him

    • Why not? give it a go and see the power it gives you to be the first one to make that call.. its a good thing to try and see how you feel. we all get nervous from time to time but just push by it as in the end it could be really worth it....

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  • Hah! I did do that when I was in middle and high school! I was too nervous to talk so I would hang up! Of course, that didn't happen once I got older.....

  • Yehhh I've done it a lot of times lol.especially when its gonna be a serious conversation cause you think you've got it all planned out what your gonna say but when you hear there voice you just completely lose it. Maybe I'm just 15 ;)

    • Would you like it if they called you? Or would you be just as nervous?

    • Well yeah I would still be quite nervous but that's just the kinda person I am I guess, cos when they phone me up I just talk a load of rubbish cos I don't know what to say and its awkward soo I like to think about things to say before so I can keep the conversation going :)

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  • I don't think guys do that. I think they are too chicken to even dial the phone LOL.

    But I'm a girl and I've done that before.