If he is not interested, why he ask me to text him later?

There was a guy I met online and texted for a while, then we finally meet and take a short walk, after walking for like 10 mins, he said he needed to go back, then he leaned on his car and trying to hold me, I was kind of nervous so didn't fully hug him, then he said "nervous, text me later ok?" I said ok.. but I don't usually text first, so didn't text him until today which was 5 days later, because I realized I was more interested after meeting him in person, he didn't respond.
So when he said "text me later", did he say it politely? If he was interested, why he didn't text?
I know I should move on now, just want some advice on what does guy really mean when they say "text me later" because I don't want to miss the next guy I'm truly interested.


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  • When I say text me later that's exactly what I want. If a woman waited 5 days then I would have already given up before then, but still would text back.


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  • Maybe he's no longer interested in you.