The First date. Guys vrs girls view?

How do you think a first date should be? I think that on a first date both should be casual, not get into much intimate details from one another, just have a good time both of them. The couple could talk about random things such as hobbies, dislikes, likes, trips the job of the both of them, in order to break the ice and start to get to know that person first but never talk about future relationships with a guy, serious commttment, sex, kids as that could turn the guy/girl away and a second date won't even take place.

Now my queston is if the first date is to get to know the other person well and start that, and the guy as wel as the girl are im that same direction of getting to know each other to see if something could happen in the future or not happening that is the reason for the dates, I clarify in the future not right away why the perspective has to change for the girl or the guy. For example some guys get laidand have sex at hte first date without knowing first. I mean the getting laid could come sure in future dates if both parties agree on it and things are going well between them but why it has to happen on the first date when you hardly know that person.. I mean if for a guy is to sleep with the girl, do it with someone who does not care to sleep with a stranger but not with the lady you are going for the first date and the one you ask her out or the girl asked you out the one you struggle and persevere to get a date in the first place. That is why I think the perspective of a first date for girls and guys are totally different therefore the direction is completely different from both of them. Woman think the first date is such as such and guy think the first date is such and such but sometimes (I said sometimes) they both dont go on the same path.

So how you can break the mold and go both in the same direction.


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