I really like this girl and I'm not supposed to get a girlfriend but I plan on asking her to be my girlfriend soon should I?

I really like her and we have kinda friend zoned but I mean I feel I could get out but I just wanna know should I. I'm asking because this girl is really getting to me and she liked me last year I'm hoping if I ask that she still does because she's amazing.

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  • If pure not meant to date don't give your parents a reason not to trust you

    • I'm sorry but I think being 14 years of age gives him the freedom to date a girl (with limits of course) in situations like this I think it's best to follow your heart. I can see your point though I'm just a risk taker

    • I understand where your coming from and part of me agrees but I'm dieing here I really like here and she's always on my mind because she's so amazing and I just wish I was allowed.

What Guys Said 2

  • If she liked you last year she will likley be willing, I'd just ask her a hangout and have a good time. Are you at the age where you ask a girl out? I think it's best to hangout and get closer maybe try and kiss her since your 14 I wouldn't go further than that. Then when you both feel a deep connection it won't be awkward. I remember when I asked out a girl out I didn't talk to for a while and it just didn't work out, it was SUPER weird.

    If you really like this girl def go for it!

    • I really do and we've been friends for a while i thought of asking her to go somewhere but what would I say to my parents about where I went

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    • and i found out she actually doesn't but just wouldn't tell me herself that she didn't like me emotional shield 100% active no one will breach

    • I'm sorry to here that man, at least you took a chance, in the end that was your best move you would have found out sooner or latter it's best to just know now, now you can move on and find a girl that deserves you!

  • soon is like a few years for me

    you're still young so you probably mean next week, so you should probably wait a few years, you're only 14