I spent the night with him but now I don't know what's going on?

So a few nights ago I spent the night at my guy friend's house. He's been a good friend of mine for over a year now and he lives right down the road from me. When I first moved in by him I had a really big crush on him but never thought I had a chance with him. Since I first moved in we've both dated other people but we're now both recently single. After spending the night at his house I started to think that maybe I actually had a shot with him. I had gone over because I was in a fight with my parents and didn't want to be at home so he let me stay at his house. He was really sweet to me That night and we got really flirty with each other and I ended up sleeping in his bed with him. We didn't kiss or anything but we did cuddle all night and at one point I said "thanks again for letting me stay here" and he said "of course" and pulled me closer when he said it. I really thought there was potential for something to happen with us but now I'm starting to have doubts. Since that night we haven't talked much. We talk in school when we see each other and stuff but he doesn't really text me a lot (he doesn't really text anyone a lot though) and he will open but not respond to my snapchats. He did ask me to come over again last night but I couldn't go over. After I told him I couldn't come he stopped responding to my texts which he actually does quite frequently (he's really bad at keeping conversations going). I'm worried that maybe things won't work out after all. Was this just like a one night thing? Or am I just being paranoid? Is there potential of something happening between us? Help!

  • You're overthinking it all! There is definitely a chance things will work out!
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  • He doesn't seem like he cares that much. Move on.
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  • Definitely overthinking. Take a chill pill, things will work out, specially if you guys are friends.


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