Date acting weird?

was this guy out of line- im sure he is. we had a date today- it went well. I wanted to hang out with him more, but he basically rushed me to my car, then said "ok well have a nice night." We also had some heated discussions about some topics. Once I left, he texted me 10 mins later saying it seemed "i wanted to leave." I told him no- that's what I thought he wanted to do. At that time I had already talked to a friend about hanging out and we made plans and i couldn't back out.

we texted later, and he said he was leaving my city tonight. I said i didn't know that? then he began insulting me saying he told me. hestarted asking me to go see him at 2am. I'm like huh? he said "stop crying and come see me." I said huh? he was acting like a jerk and said he was disappointed in me. i said wtf? he turned into a complete psycho--why was he acting this way and what was his problem
i told him to piss off


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  • I'm sure it had something to do with the heated discussions. After that he was trying to get some.. Glad you told him to piss off!

    • oh i mean we had some good discussions--like interesting. I guess maybe he was trying to get laid but do u think he was either 1. trying to vent, just be a psycho or
      2. try to be a jerk thinking it'll get him the girl?

      he did say he's a nice guy, and being nice doesn't get him anywhere.. just acted like a psycho adn it was disturbing

    • I'll pick #2.. Lol most guys say there nice.

  • Yeah he was 💁🏻


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