Taking to someone online you like?

So say you are on facebook and you see someone come on line and you want to talk to them, do you message them straight away or do you wait a while as to not seem desperate and have it look like you were waiting for them or seem desperate?

  • I message straight away
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  • I wait for a few minutes
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  • I wait for them to message me
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  • other
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What Girls Said 1

  • Um.

    I voted C.



What Guys Said 1

  • i stay away from women... I am not going to play some game and jump through a bunch of hoops just to get laid... I am not going to give special treatment and be treated like a second class citizen just because of my sex. I will not be treated like a cash-machine, a slave or a dog. I am not going to have to prove myself and try and change my personality just for pussy and women... when she isn't proving herself or changing herself for me... when she is not being a cash-machine for me or a slave or jumping through a bunch of hoops. I DO NOT SUPPORT discrimination based on sex, and the large number of women DO discriminate based on sex.

    There is simply no respect for men in western society, and we are demonized about everything. Society is completely skewed in favor of women.

    Women also cause mental illness in men, and even nag us to an early grave. Then there are those sick break-ups. Women also cheat more than men, but more secretively.

    • So you don't message them?

    • Yeah they expect special treatment while texting too...