What is chemistry in dating?

I have been on a few dates but I don't know what that "chemistry" that people are talking about... I have been on dates with guys that share the same interests as I do but I feel like talking to a pal. I have been on dates where I think the guys are very cute but I'm not that interested.

Can you tell me what that "chemistry" entails? just similar interests? pure physical attraction?


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  • Um...it's indescribable. It's a kind of "you'll know it when it comes."

    You both "light up" when you see each other. Pupil dilation often comes with this.

    You want to be with the other person all the time.

    I've been married to my wife for 22+ years. We still have "chemistry".

    But then I majored in chemistry in college :-)



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  • Chemistry is a bit confusing when you have to explain it but it is that romantic spark, that feeling of attraction you have for someone and it, in my opinion, does not have a lot to do with similar interests though finding you have common ground can help create chemistry. It will also have something to do with physical attraction, even more so on the guys part (guys are very visual), the level of flirting, and both people being in a mental place to be open to it.

    I can say the most confusing part of all is when you walk away from a date and one of you thinks there was chemistry and the other does not. The one who thinks things went well obviously cannot read minds and if the other person was not rude, well they may be surprised to find later that there is no second date or the other person becomes flaky.