My friend is obsessed?

Ok my best friend "Joe" got rejected a few days back by the woman he really liked.

She just told him she is dating someone and said no to him. Anyway, he has he idea that she rejected him because he is a little overweight.

now he is working out everyday, about 4 hours a day. I asked him and he said he wants to look good so when she sees him again she won't reject him...

is is it me or he is obsessed with her? What should I do?


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  • Obsessed? Hardly. Delusional? Absolutely. Then again we all lie to ourselves. He'd rather believe that he got rejected because of something that can be fixed rather than face the truth he doesn't stand a chance. Good thing is he found a way to burn through the negative emotions. Sooner or later he'll come to terms with reality and move on. Be supportive and give him time.

    • Thank you! I really felt guilty for thinking of him as an obsessed man.

      He is a really good man, he looks good, he is smart.. But he don't believe it and all his failures he blames it on his overweight. Sometimes I don't know how to help him.

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  • Just let him be. It'll eventually pass... Just reassure him that he looks ok the way he is and if someone can't look past a few kg, she isn't really worth it...

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