How can I prove I'm confident and one other feature that she likes? (written below)?

When I asked her what she "looks for" in a guy, she responded "I don't know but I tend to like guys that are confident have good humour and take of their appearance enough" and then "If we have a lot in common, that helps"
How can I prove I'm confident?
I can already make her laugh enough, so I think the humour side is good.
Examples of taking care of appearance?
We have quite a lot in common. I'll continue to find out more.
(who will happily answer your questions in return)


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  • First of all don't do this "I'll answer your question if you answer mine" thing. That's spamming and against the rules.

    Taking care of yourself means taking regular showers, combing your hair, wearing clean clothes and deodorant, brushing and flossing your teeth, etc...

    Look at what other people do when they look confident. Do you do those things?

    • Oh right, well thanks - won't include it in the future.
      Ah so it seems that I was correct, I the do this already, so I'm sure I'm good here.
      Well I would personally say that I am, but I'm just not as loud and talkative as our mutual friends when we are out with them. I just want to make sure she knows that I am confident enough.
      Thanks the the comment, it's much appreciated. If you don't mind checking out another question which I posted today, that would be great.
      Thanks again.

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