Should I text him (after a bad kind-of-date)?

We texted for about two weeks every day, then met up two days ago. We weren't flirty at all while texting, so I supposed we were hanging out as friends (though I was secretly hoping for more..).
We talked a bit, then watched a movie and after a while he put his arm around me and we cuddled for a while. It looked like he wanted to initiate some kind of netflix and chill scenario and I was close to kiss him but then it struck me that 1) he just got out of a relationship and 2) I'm looking for something serious and don't want to evolve into a booty call/ friends with benefits.. I didn't really know what to do and told him i disn't want to be his rebound and he responded 'i know.. well i don't really know what i want myself..' so to avoid more confusion i told him we wouldn't go further this time.

we continued watching the movie and then went outside for a walk, though the whole time the conversation wasn't smooth at all and everything felt really awkward and forced.. when we parted, we hugged, there was absolutely no romantic vibe anymore..
i asked if we wanted to meet up again for this activity we had discussed previously while texting and he agreed but i don't really think anyone of us meant it very seriously.

the thing is, though it wasn't going great at all that day, i like him in general and i have this tiny hope that we would really fit together if i just was more relaxed. i was really nervous and uncomfortable which causes me to talk about really uninteresting stuff just to avoid awkward silences and i guess that gave him a pretty bad impression.

he hasn't texted me yet and i'm pretty sure the chance that he will is very low.. so should i text him? and if so, just something random like we did before to loosen up the situation or should i kind of 'apologize'? or just write the bland truth: that he really confused me the other day?

thanks for your help! (by the way, we are 17 and 18.)


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  • You should text him as your normally would and if it bothered him that much he should bring it up himself.

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