What Is This Girl's Deal?

In November I met this girl and we exchanged phone numbers. As we began talking, we eventually started snap chatting each other from time to time as well. She is a very busy woman, and pulls all-nighters working on school work. If she is not doing school related stuff, she is usually working. Because of this, we went on our first date a week before Christmas.

It was a pretty good date and she kept mentioning how she wanted to go out again. I tried to schedule something a few days before Christmas, but she said she was going out of town to visit family during Christmas. As a result, she told me would keep in contact and we would go out again when she came back.

During the time she was gone... we didn't talk too much... but I saw her snap chats - in the snap chats, she was acting really flirty towards this guy and she even changed her Facebook profile picture to the both of them. Looking at the Facebook caption, she listed the guy as a really good friend... but it still irked me.

I tried to talk to her a bit after she came back, but she was giving me a lot of 1 sentence answers or making her replies very short. After that, I just decided to stop talking to her completely and deleted her from snap chat. Then... during mid-January, she randomly contacted me and said she wanted to "hang out". I was bored, so I agreed.

During this outting, we had fun like last time... but I later found out we wouldn't be alone for too long. She told me her friend (another guy) was coming later that night to come hang with us. I stayed for another 30 minutes, but decided to leave and we briefly kissed goodbye. When I got up the next day, she sent me a text and said she had a good time with me.

A few days after that, I texted her again... but kept getting short replies... so I stopped texting her. After getting bored again... I added her back to snap chat, but stopped talking to her. She has been sending me snaps here and there, but I haven't replied at all.

Last night, she went out with a few of her girlfriends and had a string of snaps of her partying. The snaps weren't too bad... but at 2 am, she sent me a personal snap message. In that personal message, she winked at the camera and showed herself kissing a girl (her friend) on the lips/making out.

She's been sending me quite a few personal snaps recently - just pictures of clothes she made (shes a fashion major) or pictures of her (nothing distasteful)... but I haven't replied to any of them. Then, like I said, she sent me the newest video of her drunk, making out with her friend. That was pretty hot... but I still haven't replied.

Why is she snapping me often? Last time I asked her if she wanted to go out, she said she was too busy... but she does out with her friends?


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  • My advice: Leave her alone. Don't deal with her. If trying to date her and she's playing games like this, imagine how the relationship would be. Nuh uh, don't do it.

    • Oh just read the update. She's kinda really making me think she doesn't want a real relationship. Maybe just sex or some sexual adventures

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    • Ha... I guess I should go in for the "hook up" XD

    • Yeah 😜 lol Good luck! I hope it all works out for you! :D

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