He put his hand on my lap while watching movie in cinema and I held his hand, did I do it correctly?

I didn't know how to respond but i wanted to hold his hand so i just took the chance when he put his hand on my lap.

Was it ok? Or i should have just left his hand on my lap?


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  • There is no 'bad' or 'ok' thing to do in this situation. You just responded in a way you deemed fit. Besides, did he react somehow? If he didn't, you're in the clear anyway so don't fret.

    • He was okay with it. We held hands for a few minutes. After a while he put his hands on my lap again and i held it again. Dont really know if its what he wanted lol

    • in my opinion you shouldn't be overthinking this. It's just a thing that happened.

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  • Yep, that was perfectly fine.

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