Why am I the girl that's always rejected?

I didn't get a lot of attention from guys growing up. I felt invisible in high school. Never had a boyfriend until college and those weren't serious boyfriends. Just dated for a while and never lasted.

what do I need to do to become that girl that guys want? There's always the girl that guys make their girlfriend/wife and I'm always the girl guys leave for their life long partner.

example, this guy I fell in love with, he was stringing me along. Went from being charming to mean to me in a matter of time and I did everything he asked of me. He was hot and cold with me and only used me. So I left him alone. A month or so later he is engaged to a woman. They have been together for 3 years now.

Same for another ex boyfriend , he broke up with me and he gets into a relationship with a woman and they're together longer than we were.

I am am envious of woman who can keep a man. I can't even attract a man. I've done mostly online dating but that isn't working out.

It it seem like guys just don't approach me. A guy I met at a friends party seemed to like me. I assumed cause he talked to me all night but he never asked for my number. I even seen him again and he didn't ask for it.

what is it about me? Am I not sexy enough? Pretty enough? Feminine enough? All this reject has instilled self doubt inside me. I need a mans perspective. What to do? Why am I always being rejected?


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  • You need to adjust your attitude first of all. Are you the best you you can be? Are you a complete person who is confident in herself, accepts herself, and does not expect anyone to fix her or hold her together?

    You need to be that woman so that guys don't just see you as an opportunity to screw over. You need to be that woman so you can be confident in yourself and create boundaries that create respect. Stop doubting yourself.

    • I wish it were that easy. I recognize that I have a low self esteem and I need to feel better about myself but I just don't know how

    • Go see a therapist then.

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  • There's only so many attractive good guys on earth, sorry.


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  • Could it possibly be your self-esteem that's holding you back? Going from invisible in high school to dealing with rejection in college can do a number on one's self-worth.

    I know it can be hard but try to be happy and positive. Keep busy and fill your time with activities that will enhance your life - exercising, reading, getting involved in clubs at school, etc. Don't worry so much about being liked by guys.

    You have to like yourself before expecting a guy to like you

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