What is it I'm doing wrong, what is up with the girls now?

Im 21 years old now, it`s drives me crazy.
Tall, black, with the skinny, healthy body. I practice Muay Thai when I can and I work out to stay in
shape, static and dynamic workouts. I know that some, if not all girls are interested in big guys.
I had a few family issues and only really got to date one girl shortly in elementary..
The first girl I dated was your down to earth, seemingly very normal girl. I took the typical nice guy approach, slowly and painfully showing my feelings like the cancer I am and eventually it worked. I got the girl I was chasing after all of high school. In hindsight, I could have shortened that time. I was very naive and didn`t realize that eventually I was just being used for comfort and support, she might have just felt sorry for me. After finding myself entering the same situation, again, I entered a dark and lonely phase thinking that I was placed into some societal bracket of the lesser male. Girls I`ve met since then, usually have boyfriends and string me along saying that they aren`t too sure, just so I can find out there was never anything there. And again I`m left alone and I dont want this cycle to repeat. Its hard asking for help when in reality my life isn't terrible. I can get girls but I can`t keep them or get a relationship. I really like treating my girl like a queen, making sure she's always okay and she can come to me for direction. I've read articles on here, really informative ones, that talk about a split between dominance or aggression and romance or sensitivity. I can get my head around the idea, but being the type of person I am, I think of a relationship as romance and just doing the stuff i do is aggressive.
Its really depressing. Cause I've read a few articles about black skinny guys only ending up with larger white girls. And really, I've dated one and I`m not too attracted to larger girls, unless they are taking care of themselves.
Stringed along or treated like a toy.


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  • From the look of your photo and what you said in your question, you are not the cream of the crop.

    Here is advice that works for any guy: Forget about looking for the girls that you might like. Look for the girls that might like you. You will find they have a range to a set of characteristics in common.

    When you figure out what kind of girls like your kind of guy, then you can quickly identify them, and dating becomes very easy because you are not wasting time with those with which you have no chance.

    You figure that out by talking with every single kind of girl you can. Rich, blonde, blue-eyed, 5'8" white girl with an MD, probably not in your dating pool. Hispanic, slightly overweight, barely passed high school and works part time cleaning houses with her immigrant mother, quite possibly.

    • Great advice. I still have some growing to do. Ill try that, though. Very helpful advice man. But again, the conceited notions in my questions are not only mine but part of a collective.

  • Comes down to looks, personality or wealth.

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