When approaching women you have to consider her in part, as a sex object?

If you don't, you get friendshipzoned or rejected. End of story. We all know there is more to us than just sex but in attraction, a man has to go in with a mindset of both "she is a person" and "she is a sexual object". Why go for her in the first place? You need to be physically attracted to her. But you don't know her for shit and it boils down to a dance of displaying your sexual interest while getting to know her. Very difficult dance for many men.


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  • Not as a sex object. Physical attraction cam be shown without having to make her feel like you want to fuck her. I honestly find that uncomfortable. Attraction can be shown in no sexual ways as well. Later ofcourse whe you move towards an intimate relationship it makes sense to show that attraction as she will as well. And even if you do show sexual interest "objectifying" is a wrong approach. That would just make a girl feel like you want off while thinking of her.

    Eg- guy A told me he'd like to see me on a playboy magazine cover. While he always tries to know me otherwise I'm completely creeped out and don't want to talk to him.

    On the other hand
    Guy B has had many deep and intellectual conversations with me, has gotten to know me and I know him as well. Now he tells me I'm really cute and pretty occasionally, while he'll give me physical signals. That make me feel good about him and keeps me interested. Of course the sexual talk and touching will go wilder ahead. But that's not objectifying if you add meaning to her in your attraction.

    • Guy A) is an idiot and guy B) would be anniahilated by somebody who is competent with women. Guy B) is one of those genuine nice guys who think they are in but then the girl flakes and he doesn't know why and then finds out she is fucking the other guy who made his move sooner.

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    • That is always the reply from women who can't answer a guys "hard truth" question. Not hitting out at anyone but that's just how it goes. You know what I would love to see: "yes scrambled I know, that's the game, go grab a beer and chill or go get a prostitute, whining about things doesn't help anyone" 😂

    • Well if we started generalising like that, there are no good guys we would say. Gosh where is everyone? And if you want to see that, just get a maid for your house "-.- . Why bother emotional relationships at all?

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  • Yes scrambled I know, that's the game, go grab a beer and chill or go get a prostitute, whining about things doesn't help anyone.


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  • Only if your an asshole. Who consciously looks at a *human being* and is like "mmmm sex object..."

    This is why you have problems with women.

    • I have the best success with women now in my life in part to this golden nugget of advice. I did say "in part" which means not a total sex object. But if a guy doesn't, he gets friendshipzoned. It's also the reason why assholes get the girls no?

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    • Dude how many PUAs have been banned from Australia now? Doesn't that give you an idea that what they're selling isn't good?

    • 2 or 3 I know of that made the news. Don't generalise. My friend is South African and has played the hardest women on this planet. So what he says... any guy should stop drop n roll and listen up.

  • I don't like the term sex object. But I see what you're saying. Why shouldn't a guy be sexually attracted to you? I wouldn't want a man who had no desire for me. That just can't be all he wants.

  • Yeah... I'm honestly glad I'm not a guy.

    • Only in love and sex. Other than that being a guy is great.

    • Really? But u guys don't have as many clothes options or fun things to do.

    • Yeah we do, we have all those things too. Whatever a girl has, a guy can get and vice versa, except sex, that's where women have the major upper hand.

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