Why would you just stop texting?

Guys, if you went out on a date with a girl, told her you really liked her, made plans to hang out again, and then completely stopped calling and texting, what happened? why wouldn't you tell the girl how you feel and just leave her hanging like that?


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  • Because men are assholes, or he better have one hell of a reason for not getting back to you. Women do this, too, so were all assholes. Its been my experience that this guy is probably seeing other people than just you. He probably said those things to you to keep you around, in-case some other woman falls through. This may sound a bit harsh, but its the god damned truth most of the time.

    My advice to you is to walk away from this situation, say nothing to him, and see if he will come back to you. This may seem like a tough thing to-do right now, but it will save you a WHOLE LOT of hurt in the future. If he does call/text back, tread carefully and have a very open conversation about this and see what he's really up to.


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  • Men and women do this because they go on a date, don't give themselves time to really sort out how they felt about the date, throw quick comments out there like "I really like you", and "We should do this again", and then sleep on it and realize there is no way they want to go out again. They freak and stop all communication rather than tell someone that they really don't feel that vibe but it was nice.

    I feel that the first date comes with a 24-hour cooling off period. The guy can say all he wants when we part ways on the first date, but until he calls me back a day or two later, I don't consider what he said to have any real value. I know how many times I have had dates, been a little conflicted about whether another date would be a good idea, went to bed and woke up realizing, clearly, that the person just is not my type. It happens. I don't consider people as liars just because they say nice things on a date. It's just good manners and I doubt they are lying. You can enjoy a date without knowing how you would feel the next day about that person. Attraction is complicated, to say the least.