Girls, Really confused about this girl I like?

Okay so I met this girl at work and we became friends. I have her phone number and we would talk on the phone she would tell me " when I break up with him I'll move on to u". we mainly talked when she was upset over them breaking up. She had a boyfriend that didn't treat her right. Anyway I tried asking her out and she told me no bc she was scared bc of the situation she's in now. So now things have changed, she gets really excited when I bring up things me and her could do over the summer. She asks me where I'm from talks about going on trips in the future. So recently I talked to her over the phone and she was laughing at everything I said (jokingly) found out we have to same interest saying (at least we are on the same page) then she had to hang up and she says "well u can call me right back". Every time I text her she says it was nice hearing from you. I called her the other day she didn't answer so I texted her and she replys "thank you for worring about me" Oh and she didn't accept my friend request on fb yet (which I really don't care). So I'm confused, does she have a thing for me or is she playing games?


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  • It could be either, only she knows