Online daters, advices?

How do you know when a guy is interested? like what are some of the things you (guys) do? Or what are the things they do to show you their interest (girls)?


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  • He is interested when he contacts you. If a guy likes you, you will understand. Just be yourself and write true things about yourself. You wouldn't want to find a guy interesting at first because you like what you read about him but afterwards you find out it was a bunch of lies and he is not what you looked for at all. I'm not saying you write false things about yourself, I just mean in general cuz I know people do that...

    • Well this guy talked and texted with me for two weeks than something happened at work and he had to fly out and for that investigation I wasn't in contact and he was gone the weekend we we're supposed to actually meet. Than he started texting me again yesterday and has been for awhile. Is he just bored and texting me? I mean I know people have lives and when I just try and close the convo he will keep it going.

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    • Hmm, don't know what he is up to... I just know that after the first time you meet up with him, you will understand if he likes you or not, concidering if he keeps writing to you and if he is more open to you after your first meeting. Good Luck! :)

    • Super true. I had a few of my friends say that I'm intimidating, beautiful but intimidating so they revamped my profile and we will see how this goes! Thanks!

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