Need advice how to deal with this man?

He fell for me, I had told him I didn't want to date him as I did not see a relationship for us (he moves away to another country in like 4 months, and I am not looking for a relationship and he is). In a drunk haze we did kiss, I did say it was a mistake. He fell for me even harder. One night it happened again and it was nice but felt morally so wrong as he was so happy to just even hold me. I like him, I do but I can't commit, we talked about it he says he understands and I can do whatever I want. But the way he looks at me, hugs me, ... he doesn't want me to pull away, we still talk all day... I don't know what to do. Create distance, what he doesn't like? I would think it to be for his own good. Any advice?


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  • Avoid him if your words aren't getting to him. And hopefully out of sight out of mind will helps but controlling your side and holding off on contact would be best

    • I can't entirely cutt the contact though. We have so many mutual friends, we all go out like 2-3 times a week. Not to mention we see each other sometimes at work. But I could cut down on the texting and talking

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    • Thank you by the way

    • No problem girl. I know it's gonna be hard but it's better to do it now than him think something else is going on and he gets hurt. Honestly I feel for you cuz it's hard