Girls, Getting a girlfriend about 10x out of my league?

So there's this girl I like Miranda, she's a blonde (we're both 16) with a nice butt, great smile, and amazing eyes. She normally dates hot country guys, actually a friend of mine broke up with her. I asked her to homecoming last year and she shot me down hard (basically said she wanted to go with friends, then goes with a guy who gave her herpes simplex 1, which I have too through genetics).

Currently I'm 6'1" and 265 lbs, but I have a real stocky build because I'm a football player. I'm smart, funny, and strong (not to toot my horn). I'm currently trying to lose weight, by going on a diet and I'm doing well. I honestly see her as one of the most beautiful girls in the world right now.

My question is what do I have to do to get her to say yes, if I ask her out? I don't know how to flirt either. Please help, it hurts so bad how much I like her.


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  • You cannot get her to say yes. She is not into you, she already told you no.