Would it hurt me in a relationship with a girl if I want to be slow in terms of having sex?

When I am in a relationship I would want to take it slow with a girl before I have sex with her. I just want to make the relationship more about having a genuine loveing relationship rather then just about sex. I would want to wait until we are both 100% comfortable before taking the relationship to that level.
Do think this would be a good thing or a bad thing in the minds of most young women?


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  • I think it depends on the girl. I mean I would personally love it. (:


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  • depends on the girl. i like to tell guys that you should assume every girl you date is dating someone else on the side.

    you dont want to seem like a pussy but you want to show her how committed you are. i get it you seem like a real genuine guy. here's my recommendation.

    1. tell her this but make sure you guys are completely comfortable and make sure its during a sexually tense moment.
    2. still create sexual tension with her, touch her legs lower back etc, not just kissing. once the sexual tension is lost it won't come back
    3. set a date for sex
    4. have amazing sex

    i guess the key here is maintaining the sexual tension and agreeing together that you will wait.

    honestly i would never do that but go for it, more power to you if it work. wait till like at least the 3rd date and do it while at her or your place when things are starting to heat up.


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  • Depends entirely on the girl, but if that is what you want then a girl that doesn't work for isn't right for you anyways so it doesn't matter.

  • Um... that's definitely a good thing. I would think most women would want a relationship like that.


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