How would a shy guy feel about this?

I'm shy and I like this guy, he's shy too. We've pretty much been in limbo and have just been saying hi to each other for six months. I'm tired of waiting around in limbo. How would a shy guy like him feel if I went up to him and told him I liked him?

Bump~~~~~~ Can someone please help me? Please?


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  • Can't say how he would respond, however since what your currently doing isn't working I would say a change in strategy would be the wisest course of action. ie yes go talk to him you can tell him you like him however I would say don't leave it at that, ask him out that way he knows your serious. Good luck.


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  • add him on facebook? maybe it'll take the pressure off?

    • Nah, I did try before and he deleted it, so...

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    • Thanks! <3 Sure, I don't mind! Do you have messenger or something, we can talk there if you want? Or not if you don't! LOL ^_^;;

    • Thanks lady <3 how's it going? ;)

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  • I think this is a really cute way to get out of that awkward stage: walk up to him and say hello and everything and maybe have some small talk and out of no where just say "hey so I was wondering, are you ever going to kiss me?" And wait for him to :)