Had 1 date with this girl that I really like, but she tells me she's still seeing someone else?

Ok so peep this, I have this amazing date with this girl on Saturday night. I think it went well she tells me it went well. We're talking on the phone tonight and she tells me she wants to take things slow with me, because she is still dating or seeing another person. And I endure that, and I still feel a little awkward, but here's the strange part. She doesn't want me to think that it's a competetion. Well my question is HOW THE FUCK! AM I NOT SUPPOSED TO THINK IT'S A GODDAMNED COMPETITION!!! Something you all have to know about me is that I hate losing! I hate losing more than I like winning. I hate losing more than I'm probably going to like this girl. But I can't go into this date with a mentality that I've already lost or that I am in danger of losing. But this still feels like game 7 of the NHL playoffs. And as a life long Washington Capitals fan I hate game 7s because they often don't work in my favor. I don't know how I should walk into this situation folks, please help me out.


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  • One thing none of us have ANY control over is the law of attraction. You could be perfect, and she still might choose the other guy for a ridiculous reason, simply because she ends up being attracted to his jawline or head shape or the scent of his sweat. There is nothing you can do about that. Dating is something you roll with, not something you control. Wanting to be in charge of the outcome of a date, or of a girl's feelings, is like wanting to be in charge of the Atlantic Ocean. Ain't gonna happen. :/ Does it suck? Yes. But it sucks just as much for all the rest of us. So at least you aren't alone.


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