Do I accept the money?

So on Valentines day me and my boyfriend were supposed to hang out at my house. But now we can't so instead we are watching a movie and going to the mall. I guess his father suggested taking me on a shopping spree. So now he wants to take me on a $100 shopping spree!! what do i do, I don't want to take the money because it is so much. i have tried telling him no but he won't take no for an answer. Do i accept the money or not? My friends suggested spending half on him but i feel terrible taking the money in general. What do I do?


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  • I like your friends idea or do something for you both to value of the money. My thoughts on the money as such are
    (1) Can he afford it? - Only do something that you can afford often it is the thought in the gift rather than the cost of it that stands out.
    (2) If you really feel uncomfortable - Say lets put a limit say 20 dollars on how much we spend on each other.

  • Just tell him
    He'll understand 😊


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  • The older you get the more you realise $100 isn't even that much money