Is it something I did? I told my "sex bud" my feelings & now he is ignoring me completely?

I don't know, I don't want any lectures or anything.. I've already reprimanded myself. I'm 22. I had my first ever "sex bud" for a little over a month ( we met on weekends). Initially, I did not plan on ever wanting more from the dude, but then I started to want more. I'm not even sure if he's my type or for me, but we've already had sex, and it's as if I want to form some sort of meaning to it... I want to spend hours with him and multiple days, not just a couple hours and then not talk until the next time.

Thursday I texted him, just asking if he ever wanted to hang out outside of sex, and he ignored it. The next day, I texted him it's cool, nvm. Again, he didn't respond. Yet, on snapchat whenever I post a story he watches it like right away when he hadn't as much before. I really just wanted sex again, so I texted him yesterday mid day asking what he's doing that night, and he opened but never responded to it again.

I don't get it? He went from always responding, being friendly, to what... Just nothing? Is it stupid to still hope he will want to see me again? Did I come off as overly clingy (given our situation)? Is it wrong to want to meet him 2 times a weekend for sex? If I told him it's cool, why wouldn't he take that opportunity?


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  • It's the fact that you are getting feelings for him and so it's becoming more complicated for him. And he doesn't want "complicated" right now. It's not unusual to develop feelings for someone. And it's certainly hard to get back to the way things were before that.

    Not an easy situation to be in and I empathize with you.

    • Is he still my sex partner or is he done with me then?

      I don't think it's full feelings I have since I don't truly know him; but I desire a committed man and want that, and so I chose him... Honestly, I don't even know if we are compatible

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    • IF that is the case it's better for you. You deserve better than someone like him.

    • True that

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  • He only wants sex from you and that's all. That's why the friends with benefits game is very dangerous to play. Someone always catches feeling in the end and someone always get hurt.

    • Well we never stated what it was. We are NOT friends, so it isn't friends with benefits. In the beginning he was like talking about meeting my fam, wanting to get to know me, wanted to take me to dinner (I declined at the time), and other things (even after we had sex)... And now he's like cold

  • friends with benefits = sex without strings or emotions.

    You showed emotions more than lust and communicated that you want to take it further. Clearly he doesn't want that.

    • But when I said it's cool wouldn't he be like okay, then we can still do what we're doing?

    • No, because the attempt was still made and out there.

    • But he made an attempt before and I kinda said no, so that's why I don't get it