Does he still need space or is he over it all?

I met this guy last week on a dating app. We hit it off really well and he asked for my number and to go on a date. The date was fantastic! We really hit it off and ended up seeing each 4 times in a span of 6 days. It was as if we have known each other for years. We both agreed it's scary and to take it day by day. I also said he can date other women and what not as there wasn't a title. I noticed he began talking in circles saying he had a lot of women, then saying it was only me; saying he wanted a relationship then feeling unsure of where it's going.

Then He also said that he would sleep with other women then sleep with me as well. That bothered me. We talked on the phone about it as he didn't want me thinking I was a side chick or anything. However, the next morning I was still bothered and tried saying which aspect bothered me. He said how we shouldn't have this discussion and he "needs to take a step back I think for a little". That's fine. After a day I asked if he wanted to talk and he said the next day, when that didn't happen I texted him the following letting him know what exactly bothered me. He texted back saying he wasn't actively looking to have sex with other women, he understands my feeling and it's okay, but we didn't sleep together yet and he feels it shouldn't be discussed or clarifies. I responded saying it wasn't an issue until he mentioned it and I wanted to clarify why I was upset and then asked for him to let me know whether or not he wants to still see me or talk to me.

He hasn't responded since. That happened Saturday. Does he still need space to decide or should I take the no response as a hint?


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  • Give him time. You should show him you too have options. You find new date from the website and get to know new interesting people. He is not the only one. Let him take time as long as he like.


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