Is this considered a relationship?

Both people are in college. One person lives in Alabama. The other lives in Wisconsin. They had sex one time and made out a couple other times. They text everyday. He likes her instagrams, but she doesn't like his. She snap chats and talks to other guys. He says he has feelings for her. She commented on one of his pictures from 150 weeks ago, and he did the same to her. They tag each other in funny posts on instagram and facebook. They only see each other twice a year for two weeks at a time and only hang out at parties. When they are around each other at parties they are rarely by each other until they hook up. this has been going on for nine months. is this a relationship? or just a fling? Will it last?

  • It sounds like an open relationship.
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  • No, this does not sound like a relationship.
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  • It is more lust than it is love.
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  • Won't last because of long distance, will never really become anything serious either.
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he also hooked up with another girl on and off during the 9 months.


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  • It's fling, If you think we lacking toots down in bama. You should hit us up sometimes ha You both are doing exactly same things so don't worry and roll Tide roll


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  • No just a on and off fling