Message Misinterpreted. What to do?

So i am really close with this girl, We do tease each other and flirt but that's it ( acc. to me).
I sent her a message asking how her day was going,
She replied- " Its filled W/maths" ( she has an upcoming maths exam).
To make her a bit jealous i sent her- " Poor child , Being on a date is certainly better than studying maths".
She replied " Surely, Anyday!".
Now i am confused because i wanted to convey the message that- i am out on a date with a girl- but i think she took it as - me asking her out.
Now look if i will correct it , that'll be a big turn off for her and our flirty and friendly relationship.
I dont know what to do , Should i not correct myself and go on for a date , just for the sake of it? or what?

We are in school just in case that matters.


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  • Nah bro I don't think she took is in that way. You said "Being on a date is better..." and she said "surely, anyday!". She's basically saying that she agrees with you that being on a date is better than studying maths. I highly doubt she took it in the way that you are thinking.

    Don't overthink it hey, just leave it as it is or it will create an awkward situation between you two


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  • Seems like she was agreeing with you that a date is better. She would have thought about it before just saying that...

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